Easy Steps to Make Your Own ID card today

The idea of making an ID card is one that will always sound exciting for those that like taking on new challenges. This is because you will have the chance to undertake a task that can steer your creativity. However, this is one task that isn’t simple to accomplish. It means you could spend hours trying to create an ID card and still end up getting frustrated.

Here is the secret

What if you are shown how to make an ID card of your choice? Do you know that you don’t need to contact any professional ID card maker to get this done? There is an easy and challenging way to go about this process. The second way will only lead to frustration which is something that you don't want.

This post will be showing you some of the easiest steps to make your ID card. You will be shocked at how easy the processes can be once discovered.

Step 1 - Planning the ID card

It is always essential you plan how the ID card should be like. The only way to get this right is determining its primary purpose. For instance, you need to know why the card is being created in the first place. This could be getting access to a particular location, a grouping of employees, or even proving their identities.

This will enable you to determine the features of such an ID card. For instance, if you are making an ID card to ensure security, it is essential you know the ideal security features that should be used. These could be a Magnetic stripe, Barcode or photograph.

Step 2 - Choosing a website for ID creation

Lots of companies will help you out with this process. However, don’t forget that such a company should be a proven ID card maker. This gives you the confidence that your work will be done according to instructions. The only variables you need to look out for when choosing a company is the price it charges and how it will be able to deliver your preferred options.

Step 3 - Choosing your template

The company you contact should have some pre-designed templates that you can choose from. Most of the companies do give room where such templates can be edited before adding the finishing touch. In case the templates aren’t appealing to you, it is possible to get an ID card of your choice designed from scratch. This will take much of your time though.

Furthermore, it is also possible to contact the company you have chosen once you can’t find the one you like or don’t have enough time to get one created.

Step 4 - Choosing your options

There are options you can include at either the front, back of such ID card or even both. These could be Holograph, background image or color, text font, lamination, getting a hole punched, including of barcode and others. If you are considering how to make ID, note that choosing additional options will increase the cost. Also, you need to select your options carefully to ensure that the primary purpose of the ID card is achieved.

Step 5 – Choosing of Accessories

This comes after you must have made a decision on the options to be included in your card as explained above. You also need to decide whether such ID card will come with accessories or not. For instance, this could be badge holder, clip, or lanyard.

Step 6 – Deciding on the number of copies

This is the last step after you must have gone through the ones that are outlined above. You will need to be specific on the number of Novelty ID Cards needed. In case you run an organization, the number of workers that you’ve got should determine this.

Also, note that most times companies give discounts based on how many copies you can place an order for. This means that the higher the number of cards you order, the more discounts you will likely receive.


Having seen the above steps on how to make an ID, it is very obvious that this is a straightforward process that can be done within a matter of minutes once you can act today. You only need to seriously follow the steps one after the other to get an ID card that can meet your company or private needs.