How to Make a Photo ID Card in Five or Less Minutes?

Long gone are the days when for a photo ID card, you needed to have a top of the line ID maker that would have cost you thousands of dollars. Plus, you needed to learn your way around graphic design software to create the card before printing it. All in all, it was costly, time-consuming, and no real guarantee that the identification card will be top quality.

Fast forward several years and here we are. Nowadays, for a top quality photo ID card, you don’t need anything of that. Thanks to both software and hardware advances, as well as some human ingenuity, making an ID card is fast, efficient, affordable and easy. And of course, the final product is guaranteed to be top quality.

Photo ID Card

An ID card in 5 minutes or less

The process is pretty straightforward and easy. There is no need for a specific technical knowledge or graphic design. All one needs is a photo and basic computer knowledge. To be more precise one needs to know how to upload a photo and fill up the forms with personal details.

But before uploading the photo and entering personal information, the user needs to select from the given templates. That’s pretty much it and all is left is to submit the photo ID card for printing. Afterward, the card will be printed and sent to the given address.

The entire process; choosing the template, uploading the picture, entering your details on average takes 5 minutes or less. That is if you are not hesitant which picture to use or what template.

Top traits of the best ID maker services

There are hundreds of photo ID card maker services that can be found online. Almost all of them advertise themselves as the best in the business. However, only a fraction fall in the great category while the rest can be considered mediocre at the very best. Here we look at the most common traits of the best ID maker services online:

  • Top Quality is guaranteed
  • Their ID cards come with scannable QR codes
  • They are holographic on both ends
  • They have a wide selection of templates
  • Their online tools are easy to use
  • They have a lot of positive user reviews
  • They protect their client’s data
  • There is no minimum to how many cards can be ordered. Even one is perfectly okay.

On the other hand, there are some traits that might point out to a service that will scam you out of your money. Some of the most notable ones include things such as free hosting (no honest business would option for unreliable free hosting), no real customer support, their reviews feel like they are not written from real people (usually they all have five stars), and so on. Basically, everything will look a bit off and be lacking the human touch.

What about the free ID makers?

So yes, whenever your search for ID maker or photo ID card maker online, there are some online services that offer all that for free. That might sound tempting to some people, or at least to those that don’t know the full story.

And the full story is that there is nothing free. Typically they will allow you to use their ID maker software for free while bombarding you with boring ads and pop-ups. That’s how they make their money or part of it. After you are done with the design you will still need to print the photo ID card. Of course, that’s not free. You will be given the option to either let them print it for you, for a certain fee. Or you can download it and find a printing service on your own. In any case, it is not as free as advertised.

Alternatives to online ID makers

The only alternative to an online ID maker is contacting printing businesses, finding free templates, and finding editing software or hiring a graphic designer to handle everything for you. Doing all that will feel like going several steps backward in time, but it will be time-consuming and much more expensive.


An online ID maker is superior to any other solution. It is easy, affordable, and all it takes is just five minutes of your time. The only downside is the delivery period which is dependent on the local postal services.